Code Playground

This is where I collect together the random projects I work on in my spare time. I'm not very good at keeping it up-to-date, though, so if you're really interested in what I'm up to, I put most of it up on GitHub too.


Automatic code documentation generator, built in JavaScript, and based on docco. Does Markdown and other shiny stuff.

Live Markdown Editor

Live side-by-side Markdown editor written in JavaScript. Supports saving and sharing and stuff.

What The Key Code

Got frustrated never knowing the JavaScript key code for keydown events, made a super-simple page to find them.

Useful String Functions

Got bored having to use loads of online services to base64 decode or hash etc, so put them all on one page.

Javascript Hash Functions

MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 written in stupidly tiny JavaScript. Just don't ask me how they work.


A particle-based fluid simulator I wrote in JavaScript a while ago. Fun to play around with when bored.