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Why write?

Thursday July 16th 2015, at 8:35 am

I'm under no illusion to the fact that almost every post on this blog has been read by absolutely nobody other than me. Some of them aren't even discoverable unless you actively go looking for them. So why do I write them?

In short: because I like to.

Writing is something I find incredibly therapeutic. Even if it's something that I'll just throw away or never even show to anybody, the simple act of condensing thoughts and translating them into words is incredibly helpful for organising my mind.

Sometimes it's useful stuff that I think would be good to impart to others. Sometimes it's more personal stuff that I simply have to get off my chest. Sometimes I just write a few thousand words, save it into a file, and delete it a week or so later. Sometimes I put it up here on my blog. Not because I actively want anyone to read it, but because I don't want it kept entirely to myself. People can read it if they like. They probably won't, but that doesn't matter. It's the act of getting words down and expressing my thoughts that matters. And, if I feel I can, quietly putting it out to the world so it's not kept solely to myself. Because that's never healthy.

Writing is also a brilliant way to completely and utterly lose track of time. Maybe I need to work a little more on keeping an eye on the clock so I don't end up late to the office after writing something like this.