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Wait, what happened to re:Invent this year?

Sunday October 25th 2015, at 7:10 pm

The more observant of you, who follow the exploits of GoSquared will know how we're somewhat regulars at re:Invent, Amazon Web Services' big yearly conference in Las Vegas. You'll probably also have noticed a suspicious lack of such a post on our blog this year.

So what happened? Did we not go?

Well of course we went. Big plane photos and all. We learnt about all of AWS's exciting announcements like QuickSight and Kinesis Analytics and Scheduled Lambda Functions and a million other things I won't list out. We also did a lot of work with AWS. We built some shiny UI for the IoT greenhouse.

We unfortunately did not, however, have a big shiny demo segment in the keynote that we could shout about. Which isn't to say that we didn't do a whole pile of work for one (it was a fun few days), but unfortunately, for reasons I'm going to sweep under the carpet for now, it Just Didn't Happen.

We still learnt a lot of cool stuf from the work that we did do, though, and I'll probably write about a bit of it at some point. Large-scale WebGL featured quite a lot.

So yeah that was this year's re:Invent. No super-crazy-shiny-awesome giant demo from us this year. Oh well.

Instead, here's New York: